How much does it cost?

Having an account on Wizmo is free, for anyone who’s searching to buy or rent a property. The users who also want to sell one property, get to post their first listing for free as well.


Users who want to buy a property or they’re searching for a space to rent

No matter what type of property you’re looking for, your account will always be FREE!
Find, save, deal...anytime you need, with Wizmo!


Users that own a property that’s for sale or rent

You own a property that you want to sell or rent? It’s easy and FREE! With only a few clicks, you get your property seen by an entire community.


Real estate agents, agencies and real estate developers

Do you manage several properties or units? Do you have a team by your side, that’s involved in the selling process? For real estate professionals, we have a dedicated account, that will help promote listings towards the right customers.