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Why should you choose a paid account on Wizmo?

Wizmo offers great functionalities to those involved in transacting real estate properties. If you’re selling several properties, whether as a regular user or as a professional, a paid account will definitely make it easier for you to manage all your properties from one account.

Wizmo is designed to offer users a great experience while browsing for properties. As such, people interested to buy or rent will be able to choose from up-to-date listings, while professionals have to take care of their published properties.

Professional users, with a portfolio of listings

For Wizmo, a professional user is either a real estate agency, either a real estate developer. We know that having an impressive portfolio, that you want to transact fast, is in everyone’s best interest. By having a pro account, you’ll be able to manage your agents and assign them properties, with just a few clicks. You’ll be able to see what listings perform good and attract interest of potential clients, and which ones you’ll have to promote better.
You can acquire one of our standard subscriptions, if it fits your need, or ask for a personalized offer, to make sure it fits your needs.

Regular users, with several properties to sell

If you are a regular user and want to take charge of selling your properties, then we have a pay-as-you-go system that will allow you to promote several listings in the same time.
As you probably know by now, regular users can publish one property for free. And they can keep having one property listed for free, anytime.

The pay-as-you-go system is great if you know you have a couple of properties for sale. While being a professional on Wizmo requires a contract with us, with this system there’s no need for one.

Just like with any other online transaction, just choose the prefered listing availability and the payment method, insert your credit card details, and that’s it! Users will be able to see all the available properties you have and choose their best fit!

On Wizmo, we encourage sellers and property managers to keep listings up to date, and take offline the ones already sold/rented.
This will keep a healthy portfolio for the agency, which will bring more happy potential customers.


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