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The real estate market: what Wizmo account fits you best?

On Wizmo, everyone will surely find his place in the real estate market. Whether you’re buying or selling, or help people find what they’re looking for, our real estate platform will help you to reach your objectives.

At the moment, we have 5 types of users that work together, divided into 3 categories: buyers/renters, sellers and professionals (real estate agencies and real estate developers).
Each has access to certain Wizmo functionalities and can acquire more by changing their account type. This change can happen by simply uploading a listing, or deleting the active one, or by upgrading the account type.

Let’s see what type of real estate player you are, and what you have to do when you want to change your status.


If you’re looking to buy or rent, you’ll have this type of account for free. And will always be free. As a buyer/renter, by having an account on Wizmo, you are able to search for properties, save them, mark listings you like as “favorite” and share the lists with your friends/family.
Keep in mind that only registered users are able to see the owner’s/agent’s phone number in order to contact him. We encourage you to use Wizmo’s company review system, to rate your interaction with the company you worked with and recommend it to other users.

Moreover, you have access to a great messaging tool, that allows you to quickly send in-platform messages to sellers. It’s a quick way to keep track of all the listings you have open discussions about, and the receiver will get notified about unread messages, so that your question will not go unanswered.


As an owner on the real estate market, you mainly have one property to sale. Or a few more.
By being a Wizmo owner, you can get support from our community on anything related to your account or listings. Browse through the frequently asked questions or add your own. For selling or leasing a place, simply create an account and start to fill in your property details. You can easily upload and the best part is that you can do this on any mobile device! Upload up to 20 photos of your property and give as much detail possible to ensure your listing will reach the right people.

You can list several properties, only one being for free. And as long as you promote one property at a time, you will be able to keep your account as free.
If you have 2 or more properties you’ll like to transact as soon as possible, simply start to add them in your account and choose a pay-as-you go plan. Basically, you’ll pay only for what you have active, one of which will continue to be free.

Real estate agencies and developers

If you transact a high number of properties monthly and have a healthy portfolio of available real estate, then you’re definitely a Wizmo professional. We have several packages prepared for your company and you always can ask for a customized quote.
Use the available listing slots you purchase smart and keep only accurate and available listings online.

By being a Wizmo pro, you get access to an interface that allows you to manage agents and units, in a user friendly and intuitive way.

Make sure you give 100% when transacting a property, as our community will share their opinion about the interaction they had with you, through Wizmo’s company review system.

Now that you know the benefits of each real estate player on Wizmo, we invite you explore what the platform has to offer.

We look forward to hear what you think!


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