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Smart houses

Technology is meant to make our lives easier. In a previous article we gave you some ideas for having a smarter house. Now we are continuing our discussion starting with smartphones, which are becoming more and more present in the Romanians’ lives but few of them are thinking of their full potential of transforming them in a true command center for a smart house.

To take this step towards a smarter house, all you need is a smartphone or a tablet and a wireless internet connection. Here are a few gadgets which you can connect to your smartphone or tablet to achieve your goal.

Security and safety

The most important advantage of technology is probably the extra security it can bring your home. In a smart house, you can have security cameras which you can control and access from a distance, as well as motion sensors that can detect when a window or a door are being opened. On top of that there are smart sensors for detecting gas, smoke or floods which can help you prevent any unwanted incidents. When you choose a security system, no matter if it’s a smart one or not, keep in mind that motion sensors can also be detected by house pets. So ask for a specialist’s advice and you will surely be offered a solution that fits your needs.

A/C and heating

You come home from a long day spent in the cold. The radiators are turned off and you’re thinking you will have to wait a while until your home warms up. But now you have available smart technologies through which you can turn on or off your central heating / radiators, directly from your mobile phone. A smart command system costs a few hundred RON but it will guarantee you the extra needed comfort. Also, if you plan on buying a new air conditioning unit, the extra costs of having one with Wi-Fi included is rather reasonable, when considering how much you will enjoy using it.


It’s easier to incorporate new technologies when you are renovating your apartment. Luckily you can find smart lighting solutions that can fit any budget. But if you don’t want to invest too much in something like this, then we recommend you the smart light bulbs. These don’t need any kind of major changes in your electric structure and, besides the basic functions, a big advantage for these light bulbs is that most of them also let you change their color. This is a great way to obtain a pleasant and cozy ambient in your home, no matter the occasion.

For children and pets

The basic principle for the smart solutions for kids and pets is still a surveillance system. Even so, these have a friendlier design and can offer extra functionalities. For children there are Baby Monitors with sound and microphone so that you can calm down the baby when it cries, without you even being in the same room at the time. Also, a good advantage of these devices is that they can also measure a room’s temperature and humidity so you can set up the desired conditions.

Not so many years ago, these technologies would have seemed as from a Sci-Fi movie. But in the era of information, the importance of being connected is higher and higher and this can be easily seen in all the available solutions for having a smart house.

What smart devices do you own or would you like to have?


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