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Pro's guide on Wizmo

By being a Wizmo professional, you’ll get access to an entire suite of tools you can use in your advantage. As we roll out new features, Wizmo will prove to be the platform long needed on the real estate market in Romania.

1. Manage your agents and your portfolio

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to add new agents to your company and assign them listings. As a manager, you have an overview on all the properties in your portfolio, their status and who’s the agent transacting it.
With only a few clicks, you can update the listing’s status and import new properties.

If you’re a real estate developer, or you manage several units from a project, Wizmo allows you to easily group all the units under one project. This will give your customers a better understanding of the properties’ locations, orientation and their finishes.

We know that when you manage multiple listings, on multiple real estate websites, it becomes difficult to keep track of all, to update and clean them up. Your goal is to have as many potential clients calling you, which will happen despite the accuracy of your listings. Nonetheless, we must underline the importance of keeping up-to-date properties on Wizmo.

2. Manage your clients

The platform is designed around the way users behave when searching for new real estate, so we offer you their searches on a silver platter. You’ll know everything you need, from the price range, to the desired area and amenities that will close the sale.

We recommend you go through our material about the buyer vs. seller vs agent expectations, so you can better understand how each sees a real estate transaction. By providing transparency, you will help transform the current practices. And happy customers bring more customers...and a better review on Wizmo (as soon as it rolls out).

We developed this tool to increase company credibility amongst home owners and seekers, based on real interactions. As such, we aim at creating a base for users and companies alike to have successful and efficient partnerships, while setting a higher professional standard for the real estate market.

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Good luck!


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