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Hi there,

Welcome to Wizmo – the key to your property!

Meet and greet

Wizmo is, if not the most promising real estate platform in Romania, then surely the newest one around, with a team of designers, coders and marketing people from Cluj and Gent behind it.
We have created the platform in order to cover the gaps in the real estate market, as well as to change certain practices which we find to be irregular, at least as far as individual users are concerned.

Our purpose is to become the go to source for searches and solutions on real estate transactions, for all parties involved: buyers/tenants, owners, real estate agencies and developers, with a strong focus on creating a useful, efficient and relevant platform for final users – the people buying, renting or selling a property.

Why Beta?

We have started Beta because our wish is to create a platform that will really respond to the manner in which you need to buy, sell or rent. We have tested it thoroughly and our team is already familiarized with all the pages, workflows and information provided.
Our question is: does it make as much sense to you?
Therefore, we have decided to launch the Beta version in order to gather the information needed, so that Wizmo can become the platform that you need it to be.

Please remember the fact that our wish is to develop this platform so that it is useful for you, so don’t judge us to harshly if it’s still not 100% functional, since it’s still a work in progress.

We have decided to launch Wizmo before it is ready for this exact reason, so that we can improve it based on reviews from our users.

What’s next

Aside from the features that are already planned, such as the mobility score and the rating and review system, we wish to improve this platform in order to be as handy as possible to you.

As long as we are in the Beta version, you can contribute to making the newest (most promising) real estate platform better.

You can provide your recommendations relating to navigation, features or errors found on the website. We are convinced that it will become exactly what you wished for.

Browse around, test it and tell us what you think!



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