The importance of up-to-date real estate listings

When you manage multiple listings, on multiple real estate websites, it becomes difficult to keep track of all, to update and clean them up. As an agent, your goal is to have as many potential clients calling you, which will happen despite the accuracy of your listings.

Nonetheless, we want to underline the importance of keeping properties up-to-date on Wizmo, for 5 reasons:

1. They increase the agent’s (and agency’s) credibility
It’s a pretty common practice on real estate websites to keep published outdated listings. Even though, to some degree, it’s good because it gives the potential clients a view over the types of listings you manage - a sort of portfolio, on Wizmo we discourage this because it creates general frustration for people interested in a certain property.

By keeping an accurate/up-to-date listing you prove to your potential customers that you conduct your business in a highly professional way. And good business practices bring more (happy) clients.

2. Make you relevant for the market
If you manage 20 listings, out of which none is still available, you’ll become pretty irrelevant for potential clients. This means you don’t have the possibility or the resources to find/sell new properties, which is pretty discouraging.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to put his property or time in the hands of someone who doesn’t have the resources to move or to find leads quickly.

3. The potential buyers won’t feel mislead
We value our customers, and our customer’s customers, therefore we encourage agents and agencies to keep their listings up-to-date.
With an increasing number of visitors on Wizmo, and giving the competitiveness of the real estate market, accurate listings published online are the first contact with a property, its agent and its seller. By providing information that’s not real, nor accurate, there is a high chance of losing clients towards the end of a sale.

It takes time to build confidence with new clients, and you can lose it twice a fast. Try to give real and accurate information, for good business.

4. It brings recommendations from previous clients
The most valued marketing channel is word-of-mouth. This means free advertising, promoted by clients you already have won over. Keeping your listings up-to-date brings happy customers, which in return bring even more customers.
Every client firstly checks the listings you already have in your portfolio, to give them a starting point of what they want to see. This means a common front for the objectives, and really speeds up client flow.


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