Real estate for sale: 5 tricks for owners

You’ve decided to sell your property, but you’re not sure what to do next. No problem, we’ll help you out with some pointers, to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

Let people know you’re the owner

If trying to sell it on your own is definitely something you’re very sure about, then you should make your ad as clear as possible that you’re the owner. A common way to do this is to state in the listing’s title that you’re the owner, by using the reference “PF” - which in free translation stands for being the actual owner.

Also, in the property’s description you can state that you don’t want to be called by real estate agents. Some will try, truth be told, but most of them will get the point.

Since you don’t want to be called at any hour of the night with questions about the property, you should also mention a time frame that works for you.

Be proactive

In order for you to get a little control over promoting the property, you can start actively browse through the ads of people who are searching for apartments like yours.

Try not to take the details that buyers state too literally and widen the specs a little bit. For example, if you have your mind set on a specific price, you can look for people searching something with up to 15% more or less than what you aim for. Depending on how good you are at negotiating, you’ll get the price you’re asking for.

Another way to do this is to leave the price aside for now and search by specs potential buyers are looking for. If you have an open balcony or a terrace, that could be a good starting point. Sort by price, and there you have your potential clients.

Don’t make it look like something it’s not

No matter how you want to find your buyers, keep in mind one very important thing: don’t try to oversell your property! By this, we’re not only referring to the price, but also to how the place looks like and its potential.

No matter how good you try to make it look, when they come over to see it, most likely they will see all it’s flaws. And it’s somewhat normal, since they’re looking for arguments that are going to lower the property’s price.

You’re very much aware of the reasons you’re moving away, and if they have anything to do with property itself or with the neighbourhood, potential buyers will see right through that.
We’re not saying to state the worst first, just try to be transparent and honest.

Schedule the viewings

Of course, you want as many people coming to see the apartment. But in the meantime, not too many. Not throughout the day. Not every day.
Therefor, the best way to do this is to play it out like at the doctor: make appointments. You know what’s the best time frame for you, write it down and start booking viewings.

When picking how much time you want to spend doing this, keep in mind that you’ll be having the same discussion (more or less) with everyone.

In the beginning you’ll have more people coming by and spending usually less than 10 minutes, but as the time passes by and you’re getting closer and closer to selling, you’ll see that in the end you’ll have a few offers and for each you’ll spend more towards an hour.

If you’re already moved out or you don’t live there for a while, you could ask a neighbour to help you with letting the people in and you could negotiate with them over the phone. The “booking” strategy can still apply, especially if you want to stay in good terms with your neighbour.

Make sure you won’t get calls after it’s sold

If you’re ever sold anything online before, you probably know that you end up getting calls weeks after your item left your side.
This happens in real estate as well. You end up having agents calling you, people calling you, old neighbours asking you about it because they saw it on a website.

There are two simple ways to prevent this from happening:

  • Buy a PrePaid phone number
  • Keep a record of the websites you post your property on and take them down when you’re done

The first option surely is more fast and easy, if you have at least a dual-SIM phone. It’s pretty simple if you think about it: list the PrePaid phone number, people call you on that one, and after you sell you just throw the number away.

Still, the good case practice, which we encourage every seller to do, is to keep track of the websites they post their property on, and then take them down one by one. The simple fact that at one point you will be the buyer trying to reach unavailable numbers should be a pretty strong argument for the second option.

Be the change you want to see in the real estate market

We, at Wizmo, believe in a clean real estate market, that’s not misleading. Where buyers and agencies keep their listings up to date and take them down right after they’re sold.
We hope to see happy buyers that talk in a positive way about the real estate ads published all over the internet.
Be one of the contributors that can help turn the market around!


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