Pantone's color of the year in 2018

Pantone’s color of the year is not randomly chosen. It is the result of a complex process of analyzing the trends that influence the industry. It represents certain emotions, experienced by a mass of people. It is chosen annually by the well-known Pantone Institute, from an extensive list of recommendations.

Pantone has become a prestigious entity on the chromatic market since the 1960s when it introduced the standardized color system. The trends it imposes are further observed in all areas, from interior design to fashion and even the food industry.

What’s the Pantone’s color of the year in 2018?

The color of 2018 is Ultra Violet. It wants to suggest the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what it was, and the discoveries we are going to go beyond what we now at this particular moment. It is complex and contemplative, driving us with the thought of the vast sky. It symbolizes the desire of following the world beyond our own.

It seems like Ultra Violet invites us to dream, research and contemplate. It is also a symbol of the unconventional and the artistic sparkle. When we say Ultra Violet, we are thinking about Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie or Prince, some great personalities that brought this shade to the forefront of pop culture.

Through the color of the year 2018, Pantone invites us to leave our own footprint in the world, to exceed our limits of creativity and express our individuality. Also, there has always been a mystical quality attached to the color of the year 2018. It is used in mindfulness practices, having the role of energizing communities.

Extensive list of colors of the year in 2018

As we already mentioned, the color of the year is chosen from an extensive list of recommendations. Whether you are looking for colors in decoration trends or are simply curious, you will certainly find a recommendation to resonate with. Each of them induces certain states or feelings. We invite you to discover the coolest colors in 2018.

Pantone 13-0646 Meadowlark

It's a bold, brilliant and lively color. It perfectly fits the warm and cold season. It has the ability to beautifully light the world around us. In 2018, it is extremely used in interior design, but also in the fashion industry.   

Pantone 17-1563 Cherry Tomato

This color shade is represented by a temperate reddish brown, which takes us with the thought of heat and energy. It demands attention, it is courageous and hard to ignore. It looks great in combination with shades that tempt their intensity.

Pantone 18-1028 Emperador

A chromatic approach to trends in 2018 also includes this brown shade, which makes us think about the chocolate. It adds power and substance to this year’s palette.

Pantone 18-1440 Chili Oil Seasoned

This reddish brown it's inspired by the soil’s color. It determines us to contemplate about nature and, implicitly, to find a refuge whenever we feel the need to take a break from our daily routine.

Pantone 14-3207 Pink Lavander

Another extremely cool color in 2018 is Pink Lavander, an oasis of femininity and romance. The pink lavender shade inspired by the warm air give us a soothing feeling.

Pantone 15-1520 Blooming Dahlia

It is the shade of the blooming dale, which delights our retinas with a color explosion and the olfactory sense with a seemingly suggestive fragrance. It inspires us to enjoy the small things.

Pantone 16-5533 Arcadia

We are talking about a shade that is modern and retro at the same time, which leads us to coolness and cleanliness. The subtle blue influence gives us a very interesting direction for 2018.

Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet

We are talking about Pantone's color of the year in 2018, which invokes ingeniousness and originality, fascinating and encompassing. It urges us to explore. It demands us to be more curious and spiritual.

Pantone 16-4132 Little Boy Blue

Pantone’s specialists are telling us that this blue cease to be the typical color of boys. The haze of the clear sky gives us some peace of mind. It suggests expansion and continuity, calming us through the promise of a new day, better than the one that has passed.

Pantone 12-2103 Almost Mauve

It is a very gentle, innocent shade. It brings us a state of nostalgia, inviting us to dream and contemplate.

Pantone 17-3020 Spring Crocus

Strong and expressive, the shade of saffron flowers is characterized by a fuchsia with a dimmed intensity. It offers to the admiring eye a comforting charm.  

Pantone 13-0550 Lime Punch

This shade makes us think of citrus and is offering us a fresh feeling. It attracts attention with its intensity. Joyful and playful, it does not hesitate to impose itself in the color palette of the year.

This is everything you need to know about Pantone's color of the year in 2018 and the extended list offered by the institute. Which one is your favorite?


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