Interior design trends in 2018

A house becomes a home only when we leave our footprint on it. Its form is never as important as what goes inside. Those are the people and their way of leaving that transform any apartment or house in a home. Each year comes with new trends in interior design and this is why we prepared for you some of the most important interior design trends in 2018.

Specific colors

This year is marked by Ultra Violet which suggests the mysteries of cosmos, the intrigue of what it was in the past and the discoveries we are going to make from now on. It’s a symbol of the unconventional and the artistic sparkle, inviting us to contemplate. Integrated into the context of interior design, it works very well as an element that creates a contrast.

Equally cool this year are also shades such as pink lavender, red cherry tomato, pink-blooming dahlia, yellow lime or the blue of the clear sky. Whatever your favorite color is, you can use it for pieces of furniture or paint the walls. In case you prefer a strong color, use it on a single wall in order to transform it into the center of the interest.

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Graphic elements

2018 is a good friend with graphics. Don’t hesitate to fill the décor of your home with various elements with geometric shapes, paintings or pieces of furniture in atypical shapes. Circles and lines are extremely cool this year. You can easily integrate them into original and effective decors.

Moreover, this year is marked by a new trend: authenticity. You can create your own graphic designs, print and use them as paintings. Remember that when it comes to interior design, you can get as creative as you want.

You can even use the idea of splitting content: image and a powerful text. Do not hesitate to make bold mixes between graphic elements and geometric shapes. You will get for sure an atypical piece of décor that will give you a sense of pride whenever your home receives a compliment.

Texture and finishes

Over time, the development of technology led to the embrace of new compositions.  The 3D concept influenced the creation of prints and structures, applied in interior and exterior design alike.

We certainly live in the year of the planetary and cosmic space. This is not only betrayed by the color of the year, but also by the interesting metal-industrial combination mix proposed by specialists.

Glossy layers, metal details, brilliant accents, starry sky ceiling designs, chrome bodies, stainless steel appliances, LED lamps, or massive wall panels, these are the hottest trends in textures and finishes in 2018. It offers a stylish, contemporary and lighted air.

Furniture and decorations

The challenge for interior design specialists is to give up the boring white on the walls and to choose colors that can beautifully highlight the furniture. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are replaced by granite sinks, copper or even cement. Naturally, once embraced this new trend, the sink will become the piece of interest in the kitchen.

In terms of decoration, braided textures are extremely cool. We mention here pieces of furniture made of bamboo wood, wicker baskets or wicker statues. And if you have a summer terrace, it's good to know that braided garden furniture is raging in 2018.

Velvet sofas are also in fashion. They offer a warm, extremely welcoming air to any home. They can be chosen in such a way as to contrast chromatically the walls or can be combined with woody textures.

When we relate to interior design, trends are changing often. Of course, you will not be able to renovate the house frequently to keep it up to date. You can appeal to the following trick: invest in quality pieces that do not lose their value over time. Do not forget that a tastefully decorated house will be trendy for many years.

At the same time, do not hesitate to put your fingerprint on it. Your home should be an extension of your personality, in which you can find yourself and feel good. This is the thing that distinguishes a simple house or apartment from the concept of home.


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