Bilingual content is a must for great real estate ads

It’s a known fact that more and more tourists and foreign business people are visiting our country and some of them are also starting a new life here, in Romania. This is something that started to have an impact on the real estate market as well, therefore if you are planning to rent or sell a property, make sure to target locals as well as foreigners. is a bilingual website that offers real estate ads both in Romanian and in English and a significant part of the listings is automatically translated. To better target those that do not speak Romanian as well, we recommend that you add your normal content, as well as a personalized one in English.

Why? Here are 3 reasons why you should publish a bilingual property listing:

You can rent faster

Having the listing content in English as well you will extend your audience on Wizmo. By targeting a bigger number or potential renters or buyers, you are also increasing your chances of finding faster the right person for your property.

You can earn more

Foreigners are in general more generous when it comes to the costs of renting or buying an apartment thanks to their experience with the real estate market from their own countries. Also, there are less chances they will have overdue payments and they are more flexible paying a higher price if they find a property they like. Even though most of the times these particular potential clients are helped by someone who speaks Romanian to find an apartment, they hold the final decision. So make sure to communicate directly with them in an international language such as English.

It inspires more trust

In a market so competitive such as the real estate one, it is important you use every available advantage to stand out from the crowd in a positive way. A property listing in Romanian as well as in English will appear more trustworthy and this can be the key step towards a successful selling.


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