Homes for sale: Taking pictures that sell your house

As a seller, of course you want to sell your property at the best price. But in order to do this, you have to market your property at its utmost value. Just like any other product, you have to position it as a premium must-have. While we covered before what to remodel before a sale, you also have to take into consideration the photo quality of the photos you use for promoting the listing.

On Wizmo, we encourage sellers to take time and capture qualitative photos of the homes they're about to upload on the platform. Reason? Good photos attract more buyers - the better the photos, the higher is the interest of potential clients.

Good camera

Firstly, you need a good camera. It doesn’t have to be a new camera, nor a DSLR. Your phone’s camera should suffice, if you have at least 8 MP and it’s still able to shoot clear pictures.

If your pictures are really blurry, it could be either that you’re not focusing the frame, either you’re standing too close from the object, either the lense might be dirty. Try to clean the lense on the outside, and see if there are improvements. If none of the three options aren’t working, you should use a different device.

Scene manufacturing

Every good photo has to have a subject. A point that draws the viewer’s attention. Look around the place and try to imagine what you would like to capture and promote. Maybe the way the windows are framed by some architectural shapes, or the view you get from bed, or maybe the length of the kitchen and the solution you’ve found to build a kitchen table. Just put yourself in the potential client’s shoes and try to figure out what will gain his attention.

Also look closely at the details you’ll be capturing. Although the big picture will most probably capture everything, it might also capture that leftover pizza or other details that should remain personal. :)

Right angle and light

After you got hold of a good camera, and the area you want to capture, you can actually shoot the photos. Make sure that there is good light in the room. Good light turns your pictures from good to great. Ambient light is preferable, because it sets a mood, that you want the potential buyers to feel as well.

A dim light gives good vibes, but make sure it’s not too dimmed, because you want to capture the environment as well.

You should focus on two types of angles: wide, that catch a bigger area, and detailed, that show particular elements from your home.

Also, potential buyers are interested to see as much details in the photos, before they actually see it live. Our suggestion here for you would be to stay in one corner of the room and make a panoramic photo that captures the other three corners. Depending on how the image looks, you could try doing this from two corners.

Uploading on Wizmo

Before uploading the photos on Wizmo, give them another look. You could redo some frames that are not to your advantage, or maybe retouch them with a photo editing software (there are many such programs online, for free). The goal is to take out the things that ruin the photo, even if this means you have to simply use the crop function.

Once you successfully chosen the best pics, you can start the upload. The highest the resolutions, the greater detail will the captured.

We recommend adding descriptive names to each picture, so that the viewer can understand clearly what the photo contains.

We also encourage uploading a sketched plan of your home - or the building plans if you have them, so that viewers can have a clear picture of how the property is divided.

Good luck and good eye!


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