Exclusive property listings: what are the advantages?

If you decided to sell your apartment through a real estate agency, you most likely asked yourself: should you go with an exclusive property listing or should you collaborate with a few agencies instead?

By working with a lot of real estate brokers you might think that you will get significantly more exposure as well, thus helping you sell your property faster for a better price. Not necessarily: real estate agencies have access to more or less the same means and resources of promoting your apartment and the competition between the companies won’t be of any advantage to you. That is why we recommend choosing exclusive property listings and here is why:

Your relationship with the agency

The more people you have to communicate with, the more difficult any process becomes. Having only one agency to manage your property listing, you will luckily have only one contact person. Therefore, all the important information will be managed so much easier, which will help you make a decision.

The exposure

Real estate agencies are making profit only if they manage to sell their clients’ properties and earn their commission. If the agency know that it’s not the only one listing your apartment, it will be less tempted to invest a lot of resources in promoting it because if another agency sells it faster, all the effort will be in vain. An exclusivity contract represents a guarantee for the agency that its efforts will be rewarded accordingly, which is why you would get very good exposure in exchange and the opportunity of selling sooner.

The price

When it comes to exclusive property listings, the agency has the guarantee of the transaction. Because of that, you will benefit from a fair and professional counseling regarding your property’s value and the negotiations will always be in your favor. A higher price means a bigger win for the agency. Compared to working with multiple real estate companies, which will most likely try to speed up the process by lowering the price below your desired amount, collaborating exclusively will guarantee you that you won’t see the sale closed only for the sake of winning a competition against time.

A real estate agency can be your perfect ally if selling an apartment seems like a daunting process to you. Like in any industry, experience is essential and a real estate broker will know how to highlight your apartment, how to write an engaging and efficient content for your listing and, most importantly, he will know how to communicate and negotiated with potential buyers. Research your local agencies and choose one that best suits your needs. This way you will ensure that you are getting a professional’s full attention and that you will end up with a good offer for your property.


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