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Real estate for sale: Preparing for home viewing

For those who are about to sell their real estate, here are a few must-dos in order to increase your chance to quickly sell your property.

We’ve discussed previously about how to take good photos of your property, in order to efficiently find leads and if you should remodel before selling, but what should you do when potential buyers/renters actually come to see the apartment?

As a rule of thumb, keep it clean. You don’t have to overdo it, but keep things as nice and tight as possible. You could also put things into boxes and take them out already. If you’re not going to leave it behind, what’s the point of potential buyers seeing it?

Another to do is to make sure you present both the good and the bad of the property. Put yourself in the shoes of the one who’s buying your place and think that you’ll be in his position at one point. You would like to know the ups and down and be able to estimate what amount you’ll have to invest to make is to your likings.

Don’t keep them there for too long. Make sure you have all the keys at your disposal, in case they want to see the attic or the basement (if it’s an apartment in a building block). They have other properties to view and every one wants to be as efficient as possible.

Also, try not to talk on your phone too much while the potential buyers/renters are there. If you want to make it look like you have other offers it’s perfectly fine if you give a subtle hint. But by ignoring them, you’ll just look uninterested and disrespectful.

When it comes to setting a price, be aware of the area’s price per sqm and set a fair price to begin with. Maybe a bit higher, so you’ll have room to negotiate, but don’t push it. Everybody wants to get the best price for their property, but you have some real benefits to offer for this. By overestimating it, just because you think this is how much you want, it’s very unlikely you’ll sell it fast. You can either lower the price or add some extra facilities.

Evaluate your negotiation skills. Do you think you could handle alone at least 2 other people that are trying to negotiate with you the price of the property? We’d recommend you have another person by your side, that could even the field and give you more confidence.

Last, but not least, talk with the agent and agree on some terms. The agent might be visiting your place for the first time, since your property might be in the agency’s portfolio. So make sure you agree on the fee you’re going to give him. And make that in writing. Or, if you’d rather prefer to sell on your own, Wizmo can help you to sell your real estate efficiently.


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