Tips & tricks

No one was born a seller

You filled in your property listing with all the necessary details, the pictures you’ve chosen highlight the best features of your apartment and the asking price is perfectly chosen thanks to all the research you’ve done previously. Any moment now you will receive your first calls from potential buyers. Are you ready to sell?

There are hundreds of books and articles about sales tactics and it might seem an intimidating topic. However, here are a few tips that will help you achieve that successful sale:


Your first contact with a potential buyer has as a main objective setting up a meeting to show them around the house. Because you are selling to a stranger, you need to have a friendly attitude, to express trust, professionalism and to be able to answer clearly to all of the potential questions. Keep in mind that it’s in your own advantage to lead the conversation toward the aspects that highlight your property’s best features so make sure you have a proactive attitude and that you are also asking all the right questions.


We all know that when it comes to real estate, the listed price is not always a fixed one. That is why we recommend you to set up a limit under which you are not willing to lower the asking price, if it comes down to a challenging negotiation. Thinking about all the aspects from you property listing, be objective and determine if the asking price is indeed a fair one. As an alternative in case of a negotiation, you could also offer other types of benefits to the buyer, such as a longer payment deadline, the inclusion of furniture and appliances or a better moving in date that fits the buyer’s needs.

The ace up your sleeve

The call following the meeting and the tour of the apartment is extremely important and it can help you stand out from other sellers. Remember to call the potential new owner or renter and ask him for feedback - what he liked and what he didn’t. No it’s you chance to also remind them very discreetly about some extra benefits by asking a few smart questions: “Did you find the apartment a good choice because it’s so close to the park and a good school or is it because of a different reason?” People are more likely to be honest on the phone rather than face to face so you have a great opportunity of getting extremely valuable feedback which you can also use for your next property viewings.

If the meeting and the negotiation go as expected and all that is left to shake hands on the deal is a final incentive, keep in mind that people react very well to things or services that are offered for “free”. Think of some bonus benefits that you could throw in for free to successfully close the sale.


A good exercise to start feeling more confident during your first property viewing is to set up a simulation with one of your friends. Act exactly as you would during a real meeting and plan your strategy for presenting the apartment as best as possible. Try to anticipate any possible and less pleasant situations that might occur during the viewing and this will definitely help you feel ready to start selling.

Good luck!


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