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Interior design: 5 tips for remodelling before a sale

So, you’re about to sell your home and you’re not sure whether it will pay off to remodel. You want to sell your home fast and at a good price, without investing or delaying this too much.

Listings that are in a good neighbourhood sell fast. But at this point you can’t control the location of your home. What you can control, still, is the value the property seems to be worth. And to add value, you do have to make some improvements. Nothing big or expensive, but enough to make an impact.

From our experience, here are some changes that you should take into account when you plan to put your property up for sale.

The overall look

Buyers have a tendency to take into account the overall feel of the place. If it’s crowded and looks small, even if it’s not, they will be reluctant to buy. You should also refresh the paint on the walls, to give a new breath to the room. Old, grey, walls aren’t very appealing, especially if they have mould on them.

Tip 1: Try to clear the space as much as possible by taking out the furniture you plan to take with you, and other items that the potential buyers might find unnecessary.

Tip 2: Be careful, while refreshing the colour on the wall is a good idea, some potential buyers might be skeptical as you might try to hide mould or other infiltrations. You should take before and after pictures, to show clients that you painted just for aesthetics.


Whether big or small, kitchens tend to be the most popular place in the house. This is where people come together the most, so you have to make a good impression showing off the assets you have. Fixing your cabinets and/or repainting them, cleaning the oil stains of the wall tiles, removing any Disney sticker that might be left from your children/grandchildren will give the impression that they don’t have to invest too much after they buy this apartment. And this is a big plus.

Tip 3: If you’re handy around the house, you can repaint the old tiles you have with a special paint specially made for this. It doesn’t cost much, it doesn’t take much to dry and it will look great! If the potential buyers afterwards change it completely, at least you didn’t paid too much or took too long to make it look good.


Even though we don’t spend as much time in the bathroom, having a nice and tidy bathroom says a lot about the owners. To boost up your chances to quickly sell the apartment, some matching decorations and a plant, even a faux one, apart from a through cleaning, will make this space completely different.

Tip 4: You can add some extra lighting to your bathroom, to highlight certain areas, with light fixtures. If the spot you plan to put them shows the cable too much, you could try the option of having a battery based fixture.

Small spaces, such as pantries

If you these extra spaces available for storage, make sure they are as clean and refreshed as possible. We wouldn’t recommend you take off the wall to open the space up, leave this choice to the buyer. They do appreciate any extra space there is, but on decisions like this it’s better to not get involved.

Tip 5: Try to reorganize the space in the pantry, by taking out the old shelves and bringing new ones instead. They offer more space, from top to bottom, and give a new look to that small storage room.

Let us know how everything turns out!


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