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How to publish an efficient real estate ad

Wizmo is one of the best solutions on the market for finding a renter or a buyer for your property. But in order to create a real estate ad that will sell fast, you need to offer as much high quality information as possible. Follow these tips and make sure your property listing will stand out as much as possible.

Include more than the essential information

Your ad should include the essential details such as the property type (if it’s a house, a duplex, an apartment or a studio), the number of bedroom and bathrooms, the usable area as well as it’s approximate location. However, don’t forget to mention the most important amenities of the property, which will help you stand out from all others: if there are any parking spots included in the price, if there is good storage space or if the house comes with included appliances and/or furniture pieces.
Don’t be afraid to mention the apartment’s floor number, especially if it’s on the top floor of the building. Even though there are usually less people inclined to live in a top floor apartment, this factor will help you better filter and plan your house tours with potential buyers. On the other hand, if the apartment has a great view over a park, for example, and it’s just a few minutes away from public transportation or a school, make sure you are highlighting these benefits as much as possible as well.

Use high quality pictures

When it comes to online real estate ads, using photographs that highlight your property’s good features is a must-have! You should include at least one picture from each room (bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom) but make sure these have a good resolution, the brightness is good and that they highlight the best parts of the apartment or house you are trying to sell. Read more on this topic in our article about how you can take photographs that help you sell a property faster. Keep in mind that the big majority of people that are interested to buy will not even call you if you haven’t included any pictures.

Use descriptive adjectives

A real estate ad that lets you know “The apartment has floors, windows and doors” doesn’t say much to you and it will most likely be overlooked. By using some strategic adjectives, your property will sound much more interesting and your property listing will stand out! For example, you could write this instead: “The apartment is spacious and the large windows will offer you a lot of natural light. It has laminate wood flooring and the tiles from the bathroom and kitchen are high quality”. Don’t forget to organize the information as clear as possible in order to have an easy-to-read ad.

Contact information

Even if including contact information sounds obvious, you would be surprised how many people publish online real estate ads and write an incorrect phone number or email address. Provide any means through which you want to be contacted in regards to your property listing and remember to check your email address daily.

Keep in mind that your ad’s purpose is to help you sell so don’t be afraid to stand out with the benefits your property can offer. Customize your content, be specific yet do not forget to use the highlights of your house or of the surrounding area in your own advantage. Don’t underestimate the impact of high quality pictures and well written descriptions and you will successfully sell the property before you can say… Wizmo.


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