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How to choose the front door

Usually, the decision to replace the front door happens during a major renovation project or when the old one has broken. No matter the reason, when you pick a new front door, you should consider the actual or the future style and design of the apartment, especially if you already have one in plan.

As for the necessary budget, this can be extremely flexible because front doors can go as low as a few hundred lei while the most expensive ones can cost up to thousands of lei. So the good news is that no matter what your available budget is, you have plenty of front door styles to choose from. Keep in mind this is a long term investment so don’t sacrifice the quality of your new front door in exchange of saving some money. But besides the budget, here are a few tips that will help you with your new acquisition:


The security classes vary from 1 (the lowest security for break-ins) to 6 (doors for safe-deposit boxes). For apartments it’s recommended to have a door with a security class of minimum 3. If security is extremely important for you, you can always contact a specialized company for their services or get cameras and movement sensors installed in the apartment.


Besides design, the front door has a major contribution to the general comfort of your apartment. Firstly, the thermic isolation will ensue you a better energetic efficiency in the apartment and during the winter months you will definitely notice smaller heating bills. Also, a good front door is great for soundproofing, especially when your neighbours talk loudly on the hallway or if you have a noisy elevator.


Most front doors are made of either wood, steel or fiberglass. Most popular ones are the steel doors, mainly because of the good quality - price ratio. Wooden doors are starting to become more and more popular as well, being relatively easily to match them with most apartment styles but keep in mind that wood is a more particular materials that needs maintenance in order to preserve its properties and quality over time.


It’s obvious that the front door is the first item someone gets in contact with - which makes it very important for creating a good first impression and also for defining the general style of the apartment. The wood has a good advantage when it comes to interior design as it allows you to re-paint it easily, which means that a style change doesn’t necessarily mean changing the front door as well. Steel doors are usually the best choice for more modern and minimalist styles, offering you a very good variation of designs as well.

Even if you have found the ideal front door online, we strongly recommend that you look-up a supplier of that model and go to the showroom to actually see the door for yourself. Talk with the professionals that are there to help you out with any questions and ask for as many details as possible. If all the above criteria are according to your expectations and budget and the design matches your apartment’s style, you have just found the perfect front door!


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