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Do's and don'ts for a modern kitchen design

Do you love spending time behind your casseroles? Then you might invest in a cosy and modern kitchen design. Some do’s and don’ts.

How to shape your kitchen design

Before you get to work, you should decide which shape your kitchen design should have. There are several options, like an L-shape, U-shape, I-shape or cooking island.

According to its functions, a kitchen should have three zones: a cooking zone, a washing zone and a storage zone. It’s important to reduce the space between those zones, so you reduce your time and effort to a minimum.

If you believe in the principles of Feng Shui, you might arrange your kitchen in such a way that you have a good sight on the entire room and the door and that there is enough space to move around.


To move and cook efficiently in your kitchen, the distances and heights should be adapted to your own length.

The worktop should be between 92 cm and 97 cm high. Ideally, the oven should be installed on eye level. This allows you to put plates in the oven without stooping, and to easily have a quick check-up on your baking dish.

If you have a dishwasher, you might put it close to the sink, so you can easily rinse your most dirty casseroles and plates before putting them in the machine. Around the table you should keep a radius of about 70cm open to move the chairs.

Do foresee enough storage space, so you can store your kitchen equipment easily. According to Feng Shui principles.


When you choose a material for your kitchen worktop, it is important to choose a material that is easily cleanable. The most popular materials are laminated, composite stone, natural stone and plastic.

The wall covering protects your wall from grease stains while you’re cooking. You might also pick an easy to maintain material, like tiles. Do pick a tile that has a flat surface, to make cleaning easy. For optimal hygiene, you might choose for a one-piece surface in composite or natural stone.

Let’s get to work!


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