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Black Friday 2016: what can we do with old appliances

Black Friday 2016 is almost here and many offers will be hard to pass. Each time we buy new appliances, we ask ourselves what should we do with the old ones?

Here are 4 ideas that could help you dispose of old appliances:

1. Buy-Back

Try to find out what shops offer Buy Back deals. This means that not only the shop will take the old appliances directly from your door in some cases, but you will also receive a discount or a voucher for the new products you want to buy. Usually, Buy Back programs are more common for brick-and-mortar stores and mostly for large appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, boilers, etc.

2. Recycle

Another approach would be to look for recycling services, especially for large or broken appliances. A great advantage in choosing to recycle large appliances is that specialised companies will be happy to pick-up your old products right from your door, without you having to worry about moving them to a collection point. RoRec [url:] is one of the largest recycling businesses in Romania and they’re present in both Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca (plus many other cities across the country). If you’re living in Bucharest, we also recommend you to check Sigurec [url:] as they will reward you with vouchers each time you recycle with them.

3. Donate

If your old appliances are still working, you could consider donating them. Regardless where you live, there are plenty of charities you can choose from. Not only you’ll make room for your new Black Friday purchases but you’ll also actively help a cause of your choice. Elderly care homes, orphanages or foundations that help disabled people or those affected by natural calamities, you have plenty to choose from.

4. Sell

Last but not least, if you’re looking to sell your old appliances, take into consideration that shipping them to the buyer might not be easy. Be ready to pay up to a few hundred Lei if, for example, you have a large fridge that won’t fit in the elevator and it has to be carried by stairs or for a great distance.

If this Black Friday you plan to buy products that are indispensable in your home, don’t hurry to get rid of the old ones. This time of the year, the high volume of orders can cause delays in shipping which can lead to unpleasant situations in some cases.

This year, plan ahead what you want to do with your old appliances. Whatever option you choose for making room in your home, be sure to be as eco-friendly as possible.


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