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Best time to search for and rent an apartment

If you’re living in one of the bigger cities in Romania, that usually means you’re on a lookout for the best property your money
But with so many things to take into account, who’s to say you’ll make the best decision?
Don’t worry, here are some pointers to keep in mind when you’re looking for rent.

Do you want more options?
Definitely the best time to search for an rent an apartment in one of the bigger cities in Romania, is before schools start. As in most university cities, during the summer nearly all students go home for the holidays, so the market really opens up. The prices stop rising, if not even lower, and everything goes into a rent freeze. So this is the time to find your rent.

Keep in mind, most students return way before the school actually starts, just to search for rent.
The trick is to begin your search in June and move in by the beginning of August. This gives you a 2-month window to find what works best for you and negotiate prices.

Even if you’re not a student, but already have a “grown-up” steady job and a family, this tip works for you too. Since you’re trying to find what’s best in the same market as them, you’ll always be making a counteroffer against a student.

Do you want to pay less?
If for some reason you couldn’t or didn’t want to move during the above mentioned time, then it’s going to be a bit more difficult to find something that fits your needs. Most of the apartments are already leased, so you’ll have to compromise a little.

The upside is that with these last ones you’ll have a better bargaining power since no homeowner wants to sit with an empty apartment that has no return on investment.

So, if you want to pay less, you either have to be a really good negotiator, to get the best price for you while the market is still filled with offers, or wait for everything to settle down and take your pick from what’s left. This is not as bad as it sounds, since homeowners tend to renovate their apartments during summertime, therefore making it available only in autumn.

Is it shared?
The third option you have to consider when you want to rent is if you’ll live alone or in a shared flat.
Living with flatmates involves splitting utilities’ costs among yourselves, which is good especially if you’re a student. It’s also the prefered option by people up to 25 years old, because of the social implications this has: there’s always something to do with your colleagues. And it’s even more fun.
We recommend you move in with someone you already know, because it will make co-housing a lot easier. If this is not an option, go out one or twice with your potential flatmates, to see if you click.

On the other hand, if you’re more settled into life, you’ll probably prefer moving in alone, since it will give you the privacy you need.
If you’ve decided to move alone, but you’re not sure how many rooms would work best for you, read our article and decide if a 2-bedroom apartment is the right choice for you.

Also, no matter what your final decision will be, see our tips on what to do before buying the moving boxes.

We wish you good luck and good hunting!


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