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April Fools' Day - Turn your crib into a hoax minefield

April Fools’ Day is just around the corner, so you better start preparing in advance if you want to pull off some great tricks this year! We’ve prepared a short list of some pranks that can inspire you for April Fools’ Day, indoor, to “surprise” your flatmates in a funny way.

Some require timely preparation, while others are a bit more techie, for which you could ask for help from people that know their way around with social media and video editing tools.

Grow herbs

A very practical hoax, especially for cooks is to turn their work spaces into a small garden. Use seeds like basil or rosemary and carefully plant them below the table if it’s against the wall, behind the microwave, or really any place you find interesting.
You can cut an egg box and use it to keep the seeds moist.

Play along

Leave on the speakers you have installed and use a communication program like Skype, Hangouts or Messenger. Install a second pair of speakers, somewhere hidden.
Have a friend on call at the other end. Decide on a theme and then sit back and enjoy. Keep in mind that you have to play along, to make it more credible.
The point of the second pair of speakers is to have a backup plan, in case the person you’re trying to fool catches on quickly about what you’re trying to do.

Make it pop!

A quick way to startle someone is to duct tape some balloons on the back of the entry door, and place some pins on the wall as well. The idea is that at the moment the door opens, the balloons will hit the pins and pop.

Another balloon idea is to create the illusion you have a room filled with them. This works only if you have glass doors.

Or, finally, to actually fill a room with balloons.

Add water

A well know April Fools’ Day joke is to fill the room’s floor with water cups. It’s great if you do it at night, while they’re asleep, for a bigger impact.

Did you need that?

Another hoax that requires some preparation time is freezing items or putting them in jell-o. Be careful what you’re freezing, because most probably they’ll need it afterwards too.

Show them customized Facebook ads

If you know your way around Facebook, or have a friend that does, you can show targeted ads to the selected e-mail address. Choose wisely and go crazy! :)

Is that on the news?!

To make your April Fools’ Day even more convincing, create a professional video and put it online. Make it seem like it’s on the news, with carefully planned and executed timing.

Our recommendation is not to go too far with the jokes, since it’s meant to be funny for all those involved. Don’t turn into a bully on this day, but rather enjoy it with smart pranks that will remind your flatmates not to take things too seriously, especially on April Fools’ Day.

Have fun!



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