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5 clever space-saving furniture tips for your small house

Living alone in the city can be costly. More and more people decide to live in a small house or a small apartment. But keeping a small house neat and organized takes effort. Space-saving furniture keeps your small house practical and peaceful.

The tips below might be of help:

1. Get it all-in-one
Space-saving furniture is multifunctional: a mirror with a coat hanger, a sofa that can be folded out to a bed, a coffee table that can be transformed into extra seats with a few pillows...

2. Build custom sideboards
The best piece of space-saving furniture is the built-in sideboard. Built-in sideboards turn unpractical spaces beneath the staircase or under sloping roofs into useful storage space. Opt for sliding panels, so few space is necessary to open them.

3. Transform your bed
A bed takes a lot of space that you do not need during the day. A loft bed, with a desk or a wardrobe underneath is a good solution if you do not mind taking a ladder to get in and out of your bed. If you do mind, you might opt for a foldable bed that can be turned into a sofa or moved up against the wall.

4. Wheel it off
Furniture on wheels is easy to arrange your stuff. Think of a footrest you can roll under your coffee table, a stylish box on wheels you can hide under your TV cabinet, a moving book rack...

5. Save space in the kitchen
Do you have a small kitchen? Then you might want to install a collapsible kitchen table. Next to being a nice piece of space-saving furniture, it is also practical to clean underneath, and a good incentive to keep it empty of lying around stuff. Combine the table with foldable chairs to maximise space-saving.

There are many more ways to save space. Some designers even come up with eye-catching ideas for space-saving furniture. Check out these creative examples.


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