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4 ways to save energy at home with Smappee

Before you design the house of your dreams or redesign the existing one, consider investing more in energy efficiency. You can struggle by yourself or you can choose a certain option from the plethora of devices available on the market, specially created for this purpose.

The benefits are easy to spot: you will save energy, money, and your home will provide you a proper comfort. Let’s explore these 4 ways of saving energy at home offered by Smappee, one of the coolest players in the field of energy management.

How to become the energy manager in your home with Smappee?

Smappee provides a device and an app that you can easily install, in order to make your home more energy efficient. It detects the appliances from your house and it helps you keep tracking of the consumption for each one of them. It takes between six to eight weeks to assign up to 80% of the consumption for the right source. Of course, you will not need to wait this much to start saving. Let’s see how this app can help you at home.

It helps you become aware of your energy use

It all starts with an insight into the energy consumption and its cost. We must agree that your home doesn't need an energy diet; efficiency is the key. The app allows you to check whenever you want the energy consumption for each source from your home. All you have to do is to check the bubbles on your phone screen and you can easily see what’s going on.

The app also allows you to check the provider that offers the cheapest rates. The best one is completely free and it represents the sun. One of the trends of the decade is to install a solar panel in order to produce, use energy or store it to batteries. This is cool, isn't it? Smappee can also show you how much energy you produce. Moreover, it can help you make the next step in the process by earning money with it.

Any surplus energy can be assigned to specific appliances, depending on your needs and wishes. You can also use less during the peak periods and save it for later. Everything is packed into an intuitive and easy to use interface. You can even teach your family how to save energy at home by using the app.

It turns your home into a smart one

All of the home appliances can be used remotely through the app, thanks to Comfort Plugs™ system. You can take it a step further by using the Connected Home feature. It allows the appliances to talk to each other. Thanks to Amazon Echo and Comfort Plugs™, they can even respond to your voice. Say hello to the future.

You can fully automate certain actions in order to make your life easier. For instance, maybe you love to wake up with the smell of your coffee or you want the app to wake you up and start making the coffee. If you want your home to be more secure, you can even set up alerts for the moments when your garage door or front door open and closes. These and many other features are now available thanks to Smappee.

It helps you get a grip on standby power consumptions

You should know that all your appliances are consuming electricity, even if you are not using them. Let’s say your phone charger is always plugged in. You must be aware that it does not consume energy only when your phone is charging. By using Smappee, you will be able to check the calculations of your average stand-by consumptions. When it reaches a higher level than usual, you will be notified.  

Another way to save energy at home is to use this app in order to reduce this stand-by consumption by night. Start with the study room, where you make sure you shut down the laptop and disconnect the charger. You can continue your efforts in the living room: turn off the gaming console, the decoder light, the TV and unplug the smartphone charger. Continue the process with each room from the house. The easiest method is to use a plug with a switch on/off button.

It helps you identify the energy guzzlers

The app allows you to scroll through the detailed bill and see how much energy each appliance uses. Once you find the energy guzzlers, you can replace them. Most of the time they are represented by old washing machines, tumble freezers or dryers. Of course, these new acquisitions are going to cost you, but they can be perceived as investments. They are going to cushion in a short term.

It’s not hard to save energy at home. Most of the time you only need to be more cautious or to use various tools that allow you to be more aware of your energy consumption. Saving energy is not good only for your wallet but for the environment as well. In an era of pollution progress, even the smallest gestures can make a difference.

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