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Wall painting ideas: how to pick the right paint color for your interior

Are you planning on repainting your walls? Great! A new wall painting can give your interior a real boost, but which paint colors are most suitable?

It all starts with a plan

Think about which effect you want to achieve with your wall painting.
Do you want to make your room look:

  • bigger/higher? Choose light paint colors for your wall and ceiling.
  • smaller/lower? Choose dark paint colors for your wall and ceiling.
  • more square? Paint the two smallest walls in a darker color than the rest.
  • long? Choose wall paper with horizontal stripes.

Pick your paint colors right

After considering the effect you want to achieve, it’s time to pick a color. Take into account that every color has it’s nature:
White makes a space look bigger, it will reflect the light well, but it might be a bit monotonous.
Grey is a neutral, peaceful color that will also make your room bigger.
Black is a difficult color: it can look modern and stylish, but it is very dominant. You might want to choose dark grey instead.
As natural colors, blue and green have a colorful but very peaceful effect.
With yellow, you invite the sun in. Yellow and red give a warm feeling, but they are also quite aggressive. Don’t overdo it.

Are you not sure about your choice yet? Try the paint color on one square meter and see how it looks in daylight and at night.

Let’s get to work

Once you made a choice, it’s time to take out your brushes. If you are painting on top of an old wall painting, apply a white layer first, to avoid mixing the new color with the old one. Make sure you use enough paint. For a smooth result, you will have to apply up to three layers. Apply each layer after the previous layer has dried, to avoid stripes or stains.

Good luck!


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