Home improvement

Upgrade! A home that suits you better

The place in which you spend most of your time influences your mood, productivity, social relationships, and much of your everyday life. So your home must be inviting and comfortable - for this is where you will get some of your energy from. If you feel the need for a real estate upgrade, the key to choosing the right home is getting the right information. There is a right place for you to live in, you only have to keep in mind a few aspects.


If you have an active life, it’s important that the property has a good location - near a school, a hypermarket, close to the means of transport.


Do not rush to choose a 2-room apartment just because it’s cheaper, you may soon realize that the space can become insufficient in 1-2 years. However, a larger space that brings a higher degree of comfort, also increases the expenses.


The most popular are the intermediate floors. While the top floor has the advantage that nobody can trouble you from above, the disadvantage is that during winter time, the roof tends to lose inner temperature, while in the summer it accumulates excessive heat. Also, a higher-level apartment is much brighter than one located on a lower floor. The view is more beautiful and there is less noise. The heat or water pressure may be lower and the need for waterproofing and thermal insulation may occur.

Age of construction and quality of materials

Old buildings usually need a lot of repair work, and the apartments are already high-priced. With the same money, you can buy one with a larger surface in a newly built complex, from an area that’s currently in development.

Buildings built from BCA are recommended to the detriment of prefabricated slabs. BCA is an efficient thermal and sound insulator. The walls become practically impermeable, so that the risk of condensation is reduced. Ask the seller what’s the construction year of the building and what are the maintenance costs.

Set-up and finishing

A home that’s already finished on your liking means a high level of comfort and long-term savings. Check if it has storage space, if it has large windows, natural light, etc.

If you think you've found what you were looking for and it suits your needs, ask the owners' association for information about the apartment's history and neighbours.

Ask the building owner for documents: the year of construction and the sketch of the building must match what is in reality.

Remember that it's important not to set up viewings unless you're genuinely interested in the listings you find. Arm yourself with a lot of patience and attention. Ah, and another thing - if you think about reselling property at some point, choose an apartment with standard layout: the market unconventional buildings is pretty limited.


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