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Tips for renting an apartment: furnished or unfurnished?

Whether you are about to rent your first apartment or you are simply on the verge of moving to a new place, you will definitely need to ask yourself: do I want a fully furnished or an unfurnished apartment? The first option is usually less common when it comes to renting but it is a perfect choice for students, for those who travel often with business or for those that wish to get away from the hassle of buying and moving heavy furniture.

You have a lot to consider when looking for a new place to rent - the budget, the location, the amenities - but we strongly recommend adding to your list the “furnished or unfurnished” criteria as well. Here are a few tips for helping you make the best decision for your current needs, lifestyle and preferences.

How furnished should the apartment be?

As you can imagine, each apartment is unique in its own way - especially those that are already furnished before renting. Some apartments might come only with the basics (a bed and mattress, a dresser, kitchen cabinets, a couch etc.) while others can be completely decorated (curtains, lamps, rugs, appliances etc.). That’s why we recommend that you ask either before or during the apartment tour exactly what stays and what goes before renting. The sooner you know this, the easier it will be for you to manage your budget and decide what you will need to buy for yourself.

Extra costs?

When it comes to furnished apartments, you need to consider the cost of the investment the owner has made to decorate the apartment, cost that can be partially added to your monthly rent. Most of the times, especially in the case of recently renovated apartments, such extra costs can be found both in the monthly rent as well as in the deposit you will have to make when signing the contract. To find the best deal, you should compare the rent with the one of a very similar apartment that’s unfurnished and see if the choice is profitable or not. On the short term it will not be an inconvenient but it is possible that buying your own furniture and appliances will be more efficient on the long term.

Here are a few of the most important advantages of renting a furnished apartment:

  • You can immediately and easily move in. If you’re a student, if you are renting for the first time or if you simply do not want to complicate too much with long term investments, an already furnished apartment will make your life and transition a lot easier.
  • You can actually save money. On the short term, even if you might pay a slightly higher rent than for an unfurnished apartment, you won’t have to make any furniture investments or buy essential appliances. You can move in and feel right at home without any significant financial struggles.

Here are a few of the most important advantages of renting an unfurnished apartment:

  • You will have less obligations and liabilities. Not counting the walls, floors and the sanitary items that come with the apartment, you won’t have any furniture to be held responsible for. You won’t need to stress about having to pay to fix any caused damages or scratches on something you don’t own yourself.
  • You decide how the apartment looks. Because you start with a blank canvas, your new rented apartment is all yours to decorate, just like you always wanted to do!

Renting an unfurnished apartment or a furnished one instead depends entirely on your needs and on your current lifestyle. If you own your own furniture and/or appliances (or you plan on investing in something like this) then you would want to go with an empty place. Otherwise, if it’s your first time renting or if you need to move a lot, an already furnished apartment if definitely a solution for keeping things simple and convenient.

Good luck!


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