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Tips & inspiration for your bedroom design

Did you know that we spend one third of our life in bed? Enough reason to invest in a nice bedroom design that turns your bedroom into a place for optimal relaxation. Here are some tips for designing the bedroom of your dreams.

Make a bedroom design moodboard

Your bedroom design should be well-balanced. Wall paint, curtains and pieces of furniture should create one agreeable atmosphere. Objects and materials that look beautiful separately, do not necessarily do so together. That’s why you should start your bedroom design by making a mood board.

A moodboard can contain pieces of furniture, fabrics, colors and inspiring interiors. You can have a look at interior design brochures and magazines and cut and paste interesting pictures on paper, or you could use an online tool like Pinterest.

When you collected all the pictures you like in one place, you can start arranging them into style groups. You will easily see which style you prefer most.

Create space

There are many ways to make a small bedroom look more spacious. You can use wall mirrors, for example, or choose a light wall and ceiling paint. You can also hang long curtains, that reach the floor and cover more windows at once. Hotels use this trick very often.

Use spheric lighting

Lighting can change the atmosphere of a room in one second. Next to basic ceiling lighting, you should also install spheric lights, and make sure you can switch those on and off from your bed. Check our blog post on lighting for more advice on lighting your rooms.

Choose light wall colors

Colors have an important effect on our mindset. In the bedroom, you should choose for colors that bring peace. Neutral grey shades or light colors are most suitable.

Did you include a funky wall paper in your moodboard? Then you might want to apply it to the wall behind your bed, so it is out of sight when you lie in the bed and it can not disturb you when you lie awake.

Use soft materials

To create a peaceful space where you can relax, make sure you pick soft fabrics and warm materials for your bedroom design. Use silk, fleece, wool and wood. If you have cold floor tiles in your room, cover them with a nice carpet.

Less is more

Home decorations make your place look cosy, but don’t overdo it. A few well-chosen eyecatchers are better than a lot of decoration. Do choose objects with geometric forms instead of heavily ornamented objects, to create more peace.

Sweet dreams!


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