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Renovation plans? Keep in mind these 3 aspects

Renovating your home is an important decision, that requires a lot of attention and a well thought out plan in order to achieve the best results. To avoid DYI improvisations to hide the cables, here are some tips to follow before applying the plaster.


One thing you may neglect from your renovation plan is the number of sockets that you will need in the house. Try to visualize where the electronics will be placed or make a diagram, starting from the list of products you have and / or need to purchase, to help you determine the number of sockets.

Grouping your electronics in a media area area will help you reduce the number of extension cords and mask unsightly cables. Do not forget that you will also need them for the vacuum cleaner. :)

For the kitchen, consider the following:

  • Which will be the large appliances that must be permanently connected to the power sources (refrigerator, stove, hob, electric oven, stove, dishwasher, microwave, etc.)
  • Which lighting sources will be embedded in suspended furniture (spotlights, LEDs, neons)
  • Where small, non-fixed and casual appliances are used (mixer, kitchen robot, fruit juicer, coffee grinder, etc.)


Whether it's Internet or TV, the cable is the one you always end up hindering at the corners of a room and that should be hidden as well as possible. The best solution is to embed them in the wall, because it will make the room look clean and uncrowded. We recommend that you take a picture of the cable routes on the wall, or make a sketch on a paper, which you can keep: if you will need to make future improvements to your apartment, you can avoid the risk of destroying already hidden cables.


In addition to the main lighting sources, ambient light plays an important role in defining the atmosphere of a room. We therefore recommend you to include these in the plan you are making r the location of objects in the house. Try to mask their cable with other objects such as furniture, as much as possible.

We hope that our article will help you get through the most effective renovation, and if you know someone that has remodelling plang, be nice and send them this article.


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