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Interior Design: Transform a house into a "home" for tenants or buyers

Whether we are talking about renting or selling, an apartment needs to make you call it “home” if you plan to live there.

When it comes to your own apartment, interior design is something much easier to do because you are taking into consideration your own personality and taste. But when you plan to sell or rent a place, you need to consider that interior design might narrow or expand the amount of people that could be interested in your property.

How to find the appropriate style for an apartment? The easiest option to have a stress-free solution is to consult an Interior Designer or an Architect and to go along with their vision. But, if your budget is limited and you need to do it yourself, you can use the following tips:

Browse real estate adverts from other owners

You can easily get inspired when browsing through decorating options already applied by other people. Compared to specialised magazines and websites, the interior design solutions you can find like this are realistic, adapted to your local market and most likely a lot more affordable to implement.

Ask your friends

Gather opinions and ideas from various persons and try to identify the common elements that would create a design style which would be appreciated by as many people as possible. Moreover, your friends will appreciate your initiative of asking for their opinions. Invite them over for a coffee and besides the very useful advice, you will also get a pleasant meeting. Double win!

Go to dedicated shops

To avoid the unfortunate situation when you can’t find the furniture and decor item you desire for a certain style, a very good solution would be to go to dedicated shops and check out your options. Some shops offer a complete selection of products for every room of your house, with great ideas of decorating and putting things together which will surely make it easier to get inspired.

Are you renting out? Then don’t decorate completely

No matter the trend you are going for, you shouldn’t go overboard with the decorating. Whether we’re talking about small furnishing items or decor pieces such as paintings or vases, it would be best to stick to the more essential pieces. You will be saving some money and your future renters will appreciate it if they can leave their own personal touches and make the place feel more like home.

Cleaning, before anything else

A first impression is very important and having an apartment clean and tidied up are most of the time deal breakers. Whether you are about to take pictures of the place for putting it up for sale or rent, or you are about to present the house to potential customers, you will want to focus on having a spotless place and well-kept furniture.

No matter how much effort and time you would spend decorating the apartment to make it the perfect choice, you won’t be able to satisfy everyone’s expectations. Even so, always trust your instincts because this might be one of the most important tips you can get. You will hear a lot of different opinions regarding interior design and decorating an apartment but it’s up to you to transform it into a “home”, even for future renters.


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