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Feng Shui decorating principles to keep in mind

Feng Shui is more than just an interior design style. It’s a 3.000 year old Chinese dogma, meant to positively affect important aspects of life, like love, happiness and good fortune. Even if you don’t believe in this, Feng Shui tips can help you turn your home into a more harmonious and relaxing place. To which extend you want to follow the Feng Shui principles, is all up to you.

Feng Shui in general

Different rooms serve different goals, so they should be arranged in a different way. But in general, it is important to keep enough space available for new energy. Keep the doors free, so Chi can run through your entire home.

Focus on family life in the living room

The living room serves family life. It’s the place where you host your friends and family, and where you relax together. According to Feng Shui principles, this room is ideally situated in the front part of the house. Sofas and chairs should be directed to each other in a square or rectangular form. Make sure you leave enough circulation space so Chi can run through it with the least resistance. The shape of the room should also be square or rectangular. You can give an L-shaped room a rectangular character using curtains, sideboards or room dividers.

Optimal relaxation in the bedroom

The bedroom is a private room where you spend a lot of time. It is a multifunctional space to sleep, read and relax. Feng Shui advises to position your bed with a view on the door and to make sure it does not reflect in any mirrors. Try to ban electrical devices from your bedroom, because they can obstruct Chi. Soft wall painting colors are important for positive energy in your bedroom. Use white, pink, light green or soft blue. For more inspiration, check out our wall painting tips & tricks.

Create space in the kitchen

A Feng Shui kitchen creates a happy feeling while cooking. Try to arrange your kitchen in such a way that you have a good sight on the entire room and the door and that there is enough space to move around. Make sure your stuff can be put away in sideboards easily.

A well-balanced energy in the bathroom

Keeping the 5 nature elements water, fire, earth, metal and wood, in balance is an important principle of Feng Shui. In the bathroom this is challenging, because there is a lot of water energy there. To keep the balance with the other elements, compensate with wooden furnishings and plants. A large mirror can also serve positive energy in your bathroom. Ideally the orientation of the bathroom should be south-west. Read more bathroom design tips here.

Let’s Feng Shui!

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