Home improvement

DIY home improvements

You pass by that cabinet/chair/table/lamp/etc every day, and you find it more ugly and old with each day that passes.

You’re thinking about throwing it away, but then what would you put in its place? It’s not a good time to throw money out the window.

Day by day, you check out what’s for sale online, maybe you’ll get a good discount for that item you love, that could replace it. But nothing pops.

So you finally decide to take action: buy some paint, a new set of door knobs and get a Pinterest account.

Usually, for furniture items, you’ll need a basecoat (that needs to dry up) and two layers of paint.

Be careful when you buy the paint, you have to know how many square meters you’ll cover. Also, don’t forget to include the depth of your closet when calculating the area! :)

This could also be a great family activity, on a budget, with great results for both the home and your family.

Although this kind project takes a couple of days to finish due to paint drying, unlike simply buying something new, this method saves you a lot of money! And you can get a new look & feel in the house, with under 200 lei. Besides, everyone will appreciate the time and effort you put in this.

You can Do-It-Yourself, with every item basically. Or, If you’re really creative, you can merge several pieces into one, to get a more spectacular object.


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