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Choosing and installing a security system

Security systems are now one of the main methods of deterring burglaries. If you plan to install such a system, here are some aspects you should consider.

The type and size of the home

The size of your home is an essential criteria as it determines the number of accessories needed and their position in space, to be as efficient as possible. Attention, they can become costly as new modules are added, if the assessment of real protection needs is not done right from the start.

The protective measures are different for each type of apartment, based on its location within the building. For example, on an upper floor, magnetic window sensors or the external alarm siren are useless.

Safety level

Although models vary and can be purchased from various speciality stores, we recommend you to work with a security company that can monitor your system in real-time. This option involves a monthly subscription, but you have the guarantee of a specialised intervention in case of an unpleasant event. Furthermore, in this case, the installation fee will be included in the price.

If you decide that you want to be independent from a security company, you should turn to a system that's easy to set up and configure. Configuring alarm and surveillance systems is essential if you don't want any surprises. You can opt for wired or wireless sensors. If the spaces are finished and you no longer want home any installation work done, you should opt for wireless sensors, but take into account that there is a delay between motion being captured and its actual transmission to the control panel.

Some aspects to consider when installing the surveillance system on your own:

  1. Determine the places that are mandatory crossing points inside the house
  2. Don't install the sensors in front of a permanent or semi permanent obstacle (curtain, partition wall). You will encounter problems due to the detection range being obstructed and, as such, increasing the risk for the system to trigger false alarms
  3. To allow domestic animals to pass through the room where a motion detector is installed, you should consider a sensor that is pre-programmed to ignore their movement. There are systems that differentiate between human and animal presence, based on weight, size, and so on
  4. The infrared beams of the detectors shouldn't cross paths.

In case of a burglary, the alarm sounds and rings, and the transmitter lets you know by alerting you straight on your phone. The ADSL transmitter does this by being connected to the fixed telephone network, and the GSM transmitter through the mobile one. In the latter case, be sure that the SIM installed in the transmitter constant has credit and the validity period is ok.


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