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5 ideas for your bathroom design

Furnishing your bathroom is not easy. Technical aspects like electricity and water supplies and drain pipes usually make it a complex job to fit all the large bathroom fixtures into the room in a comfortable and nice looking way. The following ideas for bathroom design might help you turn your bathroom into the most relaxing space of your home.

Orientation of the room

If you are building a new house or doing large renovations, you can still decide where you will situate the bathroom. Choose a place where the sun comes in at the time you use the bathroom most. Early birds might prefer their bathroom windows directed eastwards. According to Feng Shui principles, the bathroom should be oriented south-west.

Toilet and washing machine

A bathroom should be dedicated to relaxation and body care. For practical reasons, many home owners choose to put their toilet and washing machine in the bathroom as well. However, they disturb your bathroom design and easily make your space look messy. To allow complete relaxation, it’s better to install them somewhere else. If there is no other possible location than the bathroom, then you should try to foresee a room divider or built-in sideboard to make them invisible.

Dim the lights

An amiable bathroom lightening combines a soft general light with clear lights on certain places, like the sink. You can also choose for indirect light: hide the lights behind panels or on top of sideboards to create an intimate atmosphere.

Choose your bathroom floor carefully

For the tiles, you might prefer sober timeless colors too. Pick a light color, it will make your room look more spacious. You might bear in mind that a wet floor can be slippery, so check if the tiles you like have a non-skid layer. If you don’t like tiles, vinyl or linoleum are good alternatives.

If your bathroom is small and you want to save space, you might consider underfloor heating instead of radiators. It increases comfort and dries wet floors faster.

Invest in good ventilation

Last but not least, avoid moisture and mould by installing a good ventilation system in your bathroom. You might also consider not to store your clothes directly next to the bathroom. The high level of humidity can make your clothes smell stuffy.

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A new bathroom design is a big investment that should serve many years. Therefore, it’s better to choose bathroom fixtures and tiles in timeless shapes and colors. If you would want to sell the house later on, you will be happy with that decision.

This does not mean that you can’t have a trendy bathroom! You can paint the walls without tiles in a trendy color, or you can add eye-catching color accents that can be replaced easily, like accessories, towels, curtains and so on.

Good luck!


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