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10 smart home devices you should know about

Have you ever considered turning your house into a smart home? One of the last years’ trends is having a better energy control of your domicile. This is not only bringing you physical comfort, but also piece of mind.

Joost, R& D director at Smappee, one of the coolers players in the field of energy management, is helping us with a top of 10 products everyone need in order to turn their house into a smart home.

#1. Smappee Energy Monitor

Smappee energy monitor provides a device and an app that can help you detect standby power consumption and energy-guzzlers. It allows you to remotely control your home appliances, therefore, saving energy and money. All you need to do is to connect your monitor to your fuse box, download the app and connect to your Wi-Fi. Learn more about Smappee Home Energy Monitor.

#2. Ringerdoorbell

Do you want to increase your home security level? Just take a look at this Ringerdoorbell that sends you a notification as soon as someone is ringing to your door. How cool is this? You can even choose to speak to the person, via camera. You will be able to ask the unknown person the reason of visit and scary the thieves away.

#3. Smappe Smart Comfort Plugs

You know those moments when you forget to turn off an appliance or power strip and you notice only when it’s too late? It won’t happen again once you start using the comfort plugs powered by Smappee. They perfectly match with Smappee Energy Monitors and its corresponding app.

#4. D-Link Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Day Night Camera

This camera is the perfect fit for families that wants to check their kids from time to time or to make sure they had got home safely after school. It also takes photos when detects movements at particular times and send them to your smartphone. It’s more than a security device. It helps you monitor your rooms or even speak with your family while you are not there.

#5. Tado Smart Thermostat

Have you ever thought how would be like if your thermostat could know when you come home and adjust the temperature accordingly? You can have this, thanks to Tado Smart Thermostat.  It connects to internet and controls your heating systems. It automatically turns down the heating when no one is home and warm it up again when it detects the first person returning. Of course, your heating can also be manually controlled.

#6. Serena roller blinds

Serena roller blinds are everything you need in order to properly control shades in rooms. Depending on the sunlight, they can automatically control the room light, by moving quietly and at regular speed. They can be controlled using a remote. And if you left home and forget to roll them down, you can easily do it by using the app.

#7. Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

Imagine a refrigerator that has an inbuilt tablet with tens of possibilities. It allows you to take a look inside your refrigerator anytime you want, from anywhere you are. You can manage the expiration terms, and sync shopping list with all your family. You can play music, consult a calendar in order to find out what you can eat in that particular day etc.

#8. Apple TV

Apple TV is a device you connect to your television through an HDMI cable. It includes live sports, news, and various apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, Hulu, Spotify. This is all you need in order to transform your usual TV into a smart one, at a very low cost. You don’t even need to type what you are looking for. You can easily ask Siri to search for movies, songs, actors etc.

#9. Philips Hue Lamps

They are the ideal choice when trying to create a particular atmosphere in your home. For instance, they help you wake up in the morning by naturally increase the light in the room. You can use this product along with Smappee Energy Monitor, in order to make your life even easier. The monitor can start preparing the coffee in the morning, and the hue lamp will turn orange to let you know it is ready. This and many other features can be achieved thanks to Philips Hue Lamps and Smappee.

#10. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo can play music, call or message anyone you want, fill the room with immersive audio, answer questions, control lights, fans, TVs, garage doors, sprinklers, locks and even more. It can easily hear you even when you are across the room or there’s music playing in the background. It connects to Alexa Voice Service. You just have to start the sentence with Alexa and Echo will instantly respond.

Of course, all this home devices are coming with a price tag, but we can assure you it will worth it. Also, you don’t need to use all of them. Just choose those that better fits your needs.


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