Why are pictures so important on Wizmo?

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. This applies also in real estate. The better your photos, the better chances you have to meeting the right people. Thus, saving you time and money.

Wizmo is designed to look great and make the user feel familiar. This means you, the seller, have at your disposal a great tool that will help you sell your property faster and more efficient, as long as you provide all the details required by the platform.

Photos are a great way to promote your listing, beyond all the standard details. We encourage sellers to take good photos because it will give potential clients more information about a property.

The first thing home seekers do is to look at the property’s photos. They try to make an overall impression of the home, to see it’s comfort level, location and surroundings. Make sure you post enough photography to properly show cast your property. The home seeker should already have an idea of how the property looks like by only scanning your photos and reading the details you’ve given.

Some of the sellers try to use tricks, by showing photography that makes the property look way better than in real life, or even trying to hide flaws of the property. This is a tactic we never recommend, because even though they might be tricked by what they see online you will generate frustrations amongst the potential buyers. By being honest right from the moment you post your listing on Wizmo, and upload great, but honest photos, you will save a lot of time with potential customers coming to see the property. In the end, the “what you see is what you get” approach is the best and gets your property sold faster.

Here are a few quick reminders to take into account when uploading a new property on Wizmo:


✓ Use your listing’s page as a business card, with great imagery
✓ Upload the maximum number allowed of photos, to ensure you offer a complete view
✓ Be a storyteller, with compelling photos


✘ Don’t upload the same image several times
✘ Don’t insert links towards online photo albums that host your photos

Take advantage of Wizmo and create a new listing by the book. While completing the listing’s details, think about your property in-depth. Try to understand who you are selling to and what they would like to know.


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