The tenant's rights and obligations in Romania

The number of tenants increases year-on-year, especially in the big cities of Romania. We want to make sure you will have a qualitative rental experience, which is why we prepared for you a synthesis of the tenant’s rights and obligations.

It is useful to know that in Romania, the tenant-owner report is governed by the Civil Code, in the section of Housing, art. 1777-1835. Here are the most important provisions regarding the obligations and rights of the tenant that you should be aware of.

What are your rights as a tenant?

First of all, you have the right to receive the contracted property, along with all the accessories mentioned in the rental agreement. This status will give you the right to exclusively use the house, to have the minimum standards for accommodation and to receive a receipt for your monthly rent payment.

Regarding the repairs that occur when maintaining the house in a proper condition during the lease, these are completely supported by the owner. On the other hand, all housing repairs resulted from the use of the property will be paid by you.

As a tenant, you have the right to live in a home without vices and other risks. In the eventuality of damage to your health, life or body integrity, you have the right to claim damages. However, the owner will not respond to apparent problems at the time of the rental, which has not been claimed by the tenant.

Under the current legislation, you are also protected by situations when an eventual right over the rented accommodation is claimed by a third party. If this situation prejudices you, is your right to receive compensations from the owner. It is also your right to receive a pre-notice in case of dissolution of the rental agreement.

What are your obligations as a tenant?

In addition to the above-mentioned rights, there are certain obligations that you have to respect. The most important is the payment of the rent, which must be made in the amount and term set beforehand by the lease. If this is not specified in the document, the payment is in accordance with your customs.

You also have the obligation to use the house with caution and to return it to the termination of the contract under the same conditions you received it. Exceptions to this rule are making the renovations made under the supervision of the owner. If at the date the contract expires will be noticed damages, you have the obligation to pay for them.

At the same time, you are obliged to allow the owner to examine the place at certain intervals. He/she will also be able to bring visitors who want to buy or rent the house when the contract finishes.  In other words, your obligations are the one mentioned in the compliance with the provisions of the lease agreement, concluded between you and the owner.

If you do not respect the terms and conditions of the contract, the owner has the right to cancel the contract, despite its terms of validity.  

The tenancy agreement

A contract has the purpose of establishing legal grounds on wich you and the property owner agree upon using a certain space. It gives you the guaranty that your rights will be respected.

Here are some of the most important stipulations that you should include in the tenancy agreement.

-    The address of the rented accommodation;
-    Its surface and related facilities;
-    The value of the monthly rental and the payment method;
-    Rules regarding change of the rent
-    Obligations of the parties regarding the use of space
-    Inventory of the dwelling
-    The availability period
-    Rules on sharing various common spaces
-    The number of people who will live in the house.

Depending on each case, you can include or exclude other details in the tenancy agreement. This is extremely important, as it guarantees the tenant’s rights and impose related obligations.


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