The neighbourhoods of Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is among the cities that offer the best living conditions in Romania, and, as such, comes with a very competitive, and expensive, real estate market. If you plan to move in Cluj, you should pick the property based on the area it’s in and according to the budget you have. While you can find the price range for real estate in Cluj on Wizmo, in this article we’ll try to get you acquainted with the neighbourhoods from Cluj-Napoca.

Între Lacuri neighbourhood

It originated in the early 1980s and it’s located in the eastern part of the city. It’s defined by the streets Teodor Mihali, Dunării and Aurel Vlaicu. The Între Lacuri area has grown significantly in socio-economical directions with the construction of office buildings, residential complexes and shopping centers.

If you prefer quiet area, that are far from the noisy city center, then Între Lacuri is perfect for you.

Gheorgheni neighbourhood

The oldest neighborhood of the city is often confused with “Între Lacuri”, by their proximity. It’s considered to be one of the most green neighbourhoods in Cluj - it was built in the 60s, based on an urban plan that included playgrounds and parks. Close to it there’s the Palocsay orchard, which is known lately as the camping site for UNTOLD festival.

If you prefer the quiet of the parks and green areas, easy accessible from/to downtown, then Gheorgheni neighbourhood is suitable for you.

Zorilor neighbourhood

Known for the Student Observatory Complex and the exit towards Feleac, that offers probably the most impressive panorama in Cluj. It’s delimited by the Botanical Garden, Hasdeu campus, Manaștur cemetery, the Jewish cemetery and the Bună Ziua neighborhood. It’s also home for renowned hotels, shopping centers and clubs. Some of the most romantic streets in Cluj have their name here: Muzicii (Music), Lunii (Moon) or Rapsodiei (Rhapsody).

The neighbourhood is populated by students, both Romanian and foreign, so if you’re young (or you feel young) then Zorilor is the neighbourhood for you.

Mănăştur neighbourhood

Initially a village, Mănăştur became the largest neighborhood in the city, with approximately 120.000 inhabitants. In 1895 it officially became part of the city, and 70 years later the demolition of the old settlement begins and the construction of the new residential district starts. Clubs, bars, main institutions and other buildings of interest are within a few minutes' walk or some bus stops away.

Mănăștur is not very far from the city center, so if you have an active day or night life, this is the neighbourhood you want to choose.

Grigorescu neighborhood

It named after the General Eremia Grigorescu and the first mention of the area is under the name Donath, in gratitude to the shepherd whom the legend says has saved the city from the Turk invasion. The neighborhood has a nice set up and it’s very quiet, being highly appreciated for the safety it provides to the residents. Close to one of the main streets you can find Someș river, whose shore became very appealing to host outdoor public events.

The neighborhood is appreciated by families, so if you’re looking for an area to move in with your family, Grigorescu will be a perfect fit.

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