The (dis)advantages of living on the outskirts

With more people buying properties in major cities, the outskirts slowly lose their quietness. If you’re already living on the outskirts and noticed an increase of constructions sites and/or of the skyline, then soon things will start to change. You’ll get to a point when you start to think whether to continue living there or move away.

Do you love the noise, crowdedness and always having something to do? Or you rather prefer the quiet?

You can tell if you’re living in outskirts if it takes you around 30 minutes by car to get to the city center.

The main advantage of living in the outskirts is that it feels more like a community. People know their neighbours and usually they share the same values. The children grow up with a different mentality, in a more quiet space, away from the urban madness. Still, they have access to the good schools in the city, since the driving distance is not that big.
You can quiet down the loudness of the city by returning home in the evening and still be able to attend events and concerts that interest you.

By living in the outskirts, you’ll have a different pace you and your family can grow in, that is within your control. Away from all the traffic, noise and pollution.

This is the ideal scenario, if you’re lucky enough to find such a peri-urban area, that will remain unchanged for years to come. While cities grow, the concept of living in the outskirts begins to look surreal.

The truth is that, when looking at the rate new buildings are being built, what until not so long was a quiet, low profile area near an important city, nowadays, condos and apartment buildings seem to appear from nowhere.

By (continue) living in the outskirts, you have little to no control on the way new neighbourhoods expand. The urban development plan in the major cities is a bit out of control, and as a result you have all these buildings that appear to be built one on top of the other.

Is moving away a solution for you?

It might be. But it all depends on your priorities. If you have children, moving away and deprive them of good education is not the solution. If you’re focused on your career, then it’s not a solution. If you can work remotely, if you’re a freelance, if you’re a free spirit, then this is definitely the solution for you.

As for the rest of us, too tied to the peri-urban lifestyle, we can only hope that we make a good choice when we decide to move to the outskirts or vice versa.


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