Real estate seller's guide

Welcome to Wizmo, the smart tool to find your property! We prepared the real estate seller’s guide so that you, our seller, can be prepared for everything that you will need to do in order to sell your property.

1. In order to successfully sell your property, you should list in on Wizmo. :)

If you have only one active listing, then you don’t have to worry about any costs, since it’s for free. Read more about Wizmo’s pricing policy on the dedicated section from our main site.
We encourage you to upload great photos of you property, that will win over new clients.

2. Decide if you want to work with real estate agencies

Keep in mind that real estate agencies can help you to faster sell your property and will help you with all the paperwork that you need. On the other hand, buyers tend to disregard availabilities that are managed by agencies because of the practice most of them apply.
Before deciding on this, you can read more about the buyer-agent-seller expectations.

3. Set meetings with potential buyers

It won’t take long before people will start calling you about the property you listed. Make sure you go through the recommended “good-to-dos when selling” steps.
Also, make sure that it’s ready to be sold, by preparing your home for viewing.

4. Sign the contract and pay your taxes

After the negotiations, it’s time to visit the notary office.
If you worked with an agency, they will schedule the appointment with the notary. You, and the buyer, just have to show up with the required documents.

Here is the list of the required documents in order to sell a property. Make sure you have all the documents ready by the time you go to the notary:

  • ID - of you and your spouse, if the property it’s owned by both of you
  • Property documents (in original) - how you came to own the apartment
  • The original land registration/or copy notarized ANCPI, along with the cadastral documentation (original or copy of it)
  • Fiscal evidence from the local TAX office - that shows that you don’t have any unpaid taxes
  • Property’s registration issued by O.C.P.I.
  • Certificate for energetic performance
  • Invoices issued by utility providers (gas, electricity) and receipts showing that there aren’t any debts
  • Documents from the Association of Owners from the building, showing that all the taxes are paid

Do you want to sell a property? Find out what fees you have to pay

Tax wise, if you have owned the apartment for more than 3 years, you have to pay 2% from the selling price, if the apartment is no more than 200.000 RON.
If the property you’re selling is more than that, the tax will be 4.000 lei + 1% of the value that’s over 200.000 RON.

If you also signed a contract with a real estate agency, this is also when you pay for their services. Depending on what you agreed, the amount will vary.

5. Start searching, stop looking!

If you haven’t done so already, take your listing off Wizmo so that people stop calling you.
Now that you sold your property you are probably already considering in investing in a new one, so you should already be with an eye out for new properties, to replace the one you sold.
Learn what to do before buying the moving boxes and become the buyer on Wizmo.

Read about what to be aware of when buying a new home and go through the real estate buyer’s guide too.

Happy transacting,

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