Real estate buyer's guide

Welcome to Wizmo, the smart tool to find your property! This article is meant for people looking to buy/rent real estate, so they will be prepared for every step of the process.

1. Do you have a Wizmo account yet?

Great, if you do! If you don’t, you can easily sign-up for one. It’s free. You’ll be able to save searches and favorite listings, and get notified when a new property matching your search is published on Wizmo.

With a free account, you can see the seller’s phone number, and get in touch through the integrated messages system we created.

If you’re buying, and plan to get a bank loan, this is a good time to find out how you can access a Prima Casa loan.

2. Stop looking, start searching!

If you’re not sure what type of apartment would best suit your needs, begin your search by reading our article to find out if a 2 bedroom apartment is the right choice for you.
Depending on the apartment’s price and your income is enough to get the sum you aim for. Visit several banks first to confirm the price range you can afford (according to them).

Use Wizmo to quickly find properties that interest you and start calling sellers.

3. Keep in mind

Before going to viewings, make sure you level your expectations from the seller, especially if there’s a real estate agent involved too. It’s good to know how both him and the seller look at this transaction, so that you’re not caught off guard.

At the location, follow our tips to make sure the property is in good condition and give an extra attention to the insulation type it has.

4. Do the handshake and the victory dance!

If you’re renting, sign a contract with the landlord, pay the agent’s fee (if you had one) and be well on your way to getting settled in.

If you’re buying, after negotiating the property’s price, prepare yourself for a few trips to the bank and back. In the end, when you finally get to the notarial office, you’ll have to pay for the following:

notary’s fee: around 1%, if you’re buying with a Prima Casa loan and almost 1.5% if it’s without this type of loan
Property registration fee with the National Agency for Cadastre and Land registration
The agent’s fee, which is usually 2% of the property’s selling price
After going through all these, congrats! You’re an owner!

5. Moving in

Before buying the moving boxes, clear through the stuff you plan to bring along with you to the new place.

While the apartment is still empty, decide if you want to plan a hardcore renovation (like changing the doors, windows, polish the floors or install an apartment heating system).

After a while, when you’re ready to get back on the market, with selling your apartment and getting a new one, we’re looking forward to seeing you again! This time, on the real estate seller’s guide. :)

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