Problems with your tenants? Here are some tips for a happy relationship

Did you encounter any kind of problems with your tenants and you wish to avoid from now on? We recommend showing more interest to them and being more open to communication. A happy tenant will stay longer in your apartment, might be open to paying a higher rent and, most importantly, he will recommend you to other people when he will eventually have to move out.

For a happy and successful tenant - landlord relationship, we have prepared for you a list of 5 main points that you should consider applying in order to avoid any unpleasant problems. These could make the difference between getting a negative or a positive review:

Good communication

Communication is key for building a productive relationship, especially on the long term. Your tenants need to believe that they can have an open dialogue with you so try to ask questions, get to know them a bit more and, most importantly, listen to their opinions and suggestions and try to find the necessary solutions together.

Basic facilities

Especially for cases when the apartment has been rented already furnished, it is possible that some items need replacement. Don’t wait until the furniture or appliances break down completely or until they can create a very bad impression. Also, for things such as the gas line, central heating or air conditioning you should request periodical professional maintenance services and check-ups. Your tenants will appreciate the extra comfort and they will see that you really prioritize their safety.

Be on the same page

Try to respect your tenants’ preferences and talk about your own rules and priorities as well, right from the beginning. Discuss as soon as possible about things that you want to be on the same page with them, such as the number of people that will live in the apartment, if it’s ok for them to have a pet in the house or how you should handle things if there are any delays with payments.

The money and the payment

Money is a very delicate subject for most people but it’s very important that all aspects and details regarding the rent to be established since the beginning. You can look up similar listings to see if your asking price is a fair one. Also, besides the monthly rent, some tenants might want to discuss about the payment due date, the currency they should pay you in or the possibility of using bank wires. Make sure to clarify all these and more even before publishing the advert so you can avoid any unwanted situations.

Be available

There are a lot of tenants and landlords that see each other only once, when they receive the keys for the apartment. But for a happy relationship with your tenants, you need to show availability for fixing possible problems, as well as some minimum involvement. Make sure that you can easily be contacted by your tenants and try to be as receptive as you can with these situations.

Perhaps all these tips could be best summarized in a single, very representative word: empathy. Try to think how comfortable your new tenants would feel in your new home and also if they see you as a partner or as a simple supplier. In the end, you are interacting with other people which have expectations and responsibilities, just like you do. Start this collaboration on the right foot by remembering that you need them as much as they need you and you will surely have a happy tenant - landlord relationship!


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