Problems with your landlord? Here are some tips for a happy relationship

Renting an apartment is always a handy solution, but living in a rented space can often be conditioned by the owner's decisions. Here are some ideas to improve your relationship with the landlord and bring him to your side.

Rely on communication

A balanced communication technique will help you build a productive relationship. Owners need to gain confidence and see that their home is in good hands. If you had unannounced visits, explain that he''s always welcome, but unannounced visits are rarely enjoyable, regardless of who visits you.

Talk about the maintenance problems

It is true that repairs pertaining to the integrity of the building are the responsibility of the owner but don't wait until the last moment to announce them. Announce the problems as soon as you notice them. That way the owner will have time to make a decision and the situation you are in will be resolved more effectively.

Be honest

Sometimes, you may not have the rent money in time. Be honest and tell the owner the moment you realise it, because in most cases it will be understandable if it is a short delay. If he thinks he's being sweet talked, though, he will probably rethink your relationship.

Getting a pet

When it comes to rent ads, pets are a sensitive subject. Many landlords don't allow the existence of a pet in the house, while others choose to increase the rent or guarantee. But what do you do if you want a pet after the start of the lease? Explain to the owner that you are guaranteeing any damage and that you will ensure the integrity of the house.

Be proactive

If something breaks in the house, you don't always have to wait for the owner's solutions. He will appreciate the effort of you not calling him for any problem, however small it may be. On serious issues, however, do not venture - announce it and always consult with him.

In the end, the relationship between tenant and landlord is based on trust and empathy. Whenever you feel uncomfortable about something, but you are not convinced of who is in charge, read the contract and talk to the owner. Communicate your needs and expectations from the very beginning and keep in mind that beyond the tenant-owner relationship, you are people who need each other.


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