How to use social media for your real estate marketing

Nowadays, social media can hardly be excluded from a solid marketing plan. But how should you integrate Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other networks in your real estate marketing activities? Here's our advice.

Pick the right channel

Being present on social media is not a goal in itself. Your social media activities should serve your overall marketing goals.
Who is your audience? Are you targeting young couples, then Facebook might be a good idea. If you are trying to reach business people, Linkedin might be a better choice.
What would you like to achieve? Facebook is a medium that focuses on interaction. Twitter offers you a good platform to give your business credibility in the sector.
What is it worth to you? Integrating social media in your real estate marketing plan is intensive. You will have to maintain your presence on the networks you choose, and keep an eye on possible feedback from your customers, because unanswered negative comments or an outdated profile can do more bad than good.

Do not only talk about yourself

Social media are good platforms to spread your content. You can share new properties you have for sale, or blog articles, but it would not be social to only talk about yourself. Do share or retweet content of others as well, like an interesting news article about real estate, famous properties for sale, decorating or renovating tips,... It proves that you follow up on what happens in the real estate business.

Listen to your audience

Be social on social media: engage with your audience, give your fans a chance to interact with your updates, have conversations and let your fans talk to each other. React to comments on your facebook page within the next four hours to show your potential customers that you listen to them.

Do not copy your website

Avoid your social media profile page to be a list of the properties you offer. Your Facebook and Twitter profile pages should not become replicas of your own website. Add real-estate news and relevant information that supports your goals. Do link to your site regularly.

Imagine your audience

The power of social media is the chance to make your content go viral. To create content with viral potential, however, you need to think about what will work for your audience. Make sure you post content that your fans or followers can like, share or retweet.

Keep up to date

Integrating social media in your real estate marketing is an intensive process. Stay up-to-date with the new features of each platform, and apply them for your business. Do keep an eye on what your competitors do on social media, and have a look beyond your business, you might be able to copy ideas to your own business.

Check what people say about you

Check on a regular basis what people say about you on social network sites. People might discuss your business on other places than you own wall. There are paying, as well as non-paying tools to help you monitor your brand’s presence on social networks, like tweetdeck and hootsuite.

It’s all or nothing

Make sure your real estate agency is well present on social media channels. If you choose to be active on one or more networks, maintain your presence there. A profile with just a logo and no recent updates will not make a good impression.

And last but not least: be patient. If you share qualitative content and create a useful extra channel to engage with your (potential) customers, you will soon see the benefits of your social media efforts, because they can be a real added value to your real estate marketing.


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