Housewarming party: how to be a good host

So, everything is finally done with you moving in the new home, and you’re ready to throw a small housewarming party. If you’re not sure what to start with, here are a few tips that will help you out.

1. Plan ahead

Decide how many guests you want to have over your new house and what are you going to eat and drink. Think if you have the space to eat at a table, or you’d rather go for a buffet. Make sure you have non-alcoholic beverages too, as some might be driving back from the party.
This is a good time to think about some games or ice-breakers, especially if you’re having people over that don’t know each other.

2. You don’t need do it all by yourself

Ask your friends or spouse for help in the kitchen, and definitely hire someone to do the cleaning. After all the work you’ve put into getting here, getting some help is perfectly fine. Besides, cooking is more fun when done in two. Just make sure everything is done way before the moment when your guests start to arrive for the party.

3. Meet and greet

Make your guests feel welcomed by offering them something to drink, after they settle in. If you’re going to have them take their shoes off, have some slippers at hand. Show them around your home and tell short, funny stories that happened during the remodelling. Introduce your guests as they start arriving, if they don’t already know each other. You can recommend them where to sit, strategically, so that they mingle.

4. Make them feel comfortable

If it’s a non-smoking house, prepare a space where your guests can smoke. On the balcony or the kitchen, have some chairs, ashtrays and scented candles ready. For the bathroom, don’t forget to have clean towels prepared and soap. As an extra touch, a hand cream will be really appreciated by the girls.

When it comes to pets, your friends probably know by now you have one, so if they accepted your invitation most probably they’re ok with it. Still, if they bring a date which doesn’t like animals, ask them when you send out the invitation if they mind your pet being around the party. Like this, you’ll have time to decide in advance what to do with it when your guests arrive.

5. Don’t forget to enjoy it too

Even if you’re the host, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself! This is a party for everyone, including you. Don’t stress too much if something goes wrong, because the friends you’re having over will love you still.


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