Energy Efficiency Certificate: what is it and how do we get it

According to the Romanian Law no. 372/2005, the building’s energy efficiency certificate shows the energetic performance by measuring the energy loss and gives recommendations for improvement. It takes into account the heating system, A/C and venting, warm water and lighting sources.

Since 2013, with the Law no. 159, it’s mandatory for sellers and landlords to provide this energy efficiency certificate before a property is sold or rented, so that the buyer will be informed.

Even so, we wonder how many buyers/renters are going to turn down an offer because the energetic levels are not very good? Or who actually follows through the recommendations offered by the officers?

Depending on the energy efficiency obtained, the properties will be placed on one, out of a 7 point, scale: A - having the lowest energy consumption of up to 125 de kWh/mp/year and G - having the highest consumption, of over 820 de kWh/mp/year.

The scale is very similar to the ones found on every houseware appliance on the market, which shows the energy usage.

The way to acquire an energy efficiency certificate is through a certified energy auditor. After a contract with him is signed, you’ll have to provide him the plans of the apartment and the building’s history: construction year, materials used, energy and water bills, as well as other information he asks for.

The auditor will set an inspection day, where he will calculate and issue the energy efficiency certificate.

The document is valid for 10 years, unless the building goes through major changes that will affect its energy performance.

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